The MMM takes on projects both large and small and collaborates with a wide variety of different institutions and individuals. Each budget is specifically tailored to fit the respective project and the possibilities it has available.
Our goal is to foster long-term, reliable collaboration while offering you the best possible value for your budget.
We are always on the lookout for new topics and forms of presentation and welcome requests for newly developed materials.
While the MMM primarily carries out its work in German-speaking regions, every year we receive project requests from places just a little farther afield than before. Link to the world map showing where we've been...

Kooperationspartner sind

In the sections News | Event Calendar | Current Exhibitions you will find chronological lists of the activities of the MobilesMusikMuseum. If you are interested in older cooperations please have a look at the Calendar Archive (2010-2013) or at the former website (2005-2009).