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Touch The Music! in Warsaw 2012

With 1000 to 2000 visitors a day the MobilesMusikMuseum reached record numbers in the Copernicus Centre (Centrum Nauki Kopernik) in Warsaw. For six months, from October 2nd 2012 to March 17th 2013, the Touch The Music! collection withstood the daily the rush of visitors to delight over 160.000 individuals, big and small. 

The interactive exhibits enables visitors to discover the secrets of physics of sound and human hearing. With the use of unconventional, usually very simple instruments, visitors have the chance to conduct surprising musical experiments. Sound microscopes allow us to hear objects which normally remain silent, such as an ice-cream stick or an egg cutter. They can check whether their voice won't get lost at the turns of a twisted tube and whether they can play melodies on one string by simply balancing our body. They can find out whether it is possible to feel a sound created in a huge tubular bell only with their finger tips and can assess what sounds better: wooden beams, stone tiles or glass bottles. When playing on them,they can learn about the variety of timbres and different ways of producing them. Thanks to high-tech electronic devices, everyone gets a chance to check whether we would make a musical career singing like a robot! Tap, knock, blow, push – in the Copernicus Science Centre everyone can become a musical explorer! The exhibition can be visited with a ticket you buy for permanent exhibitions at the Centre. 

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