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DASA Dortmund

The “Time-Frame,” “Room of Vexations,” “Piano-Building Workspace,” and more

The DASA, an institution offering fantastic fun for the whole family, has a longstanding history of collaboration with the Mobile Music Museum.


MMM developed the “Time-Frame” permanent exhibition in 1997 and restored it in 2006. The sounds of the interactive room installation, triggered by movement through the room, conjure up associations with the topics of lifespan, time measurement and working hours and are brought to life with the elp of lighting effects.

The MMM provided the technology for the house of mirrors and the applause machine for the “Room of Vexations.”

The “Piano-Building Workspace“ houses a resonance frame, a model keyboard and a weight-powered monochord from the MMM.

The MMM has also been guest at many of the events held at DASA.