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Sound Trail, Experimenta Heilbronn

Discover your talent … for music!

A hotbed of young talent, the new “Experimenta” Science Center of Heilbronn allows visitors the space to explore and train their own capabilities. The MMM had the honor of creating the music exhibition space in cooperation with the Petri and Tiemann agencies and furnishing them with exhibition pieces.

Installations provided by the MMM encompass both longstanding classics and new inventions.

  • Earth xylophone, representive of the idiophones
  • Walking bass, representative of the chordophones
  • Drumming table, representative of the membranophones
  • Mixing table, representative of the electrophones
  • Beat organ, representative of the aerophones

A lithophone was also built for the geology / geothermics exhibition space.

Link to the documentation of the Listen! Play! Make Music! exhibition

Link to the Experimenta Heilbronn