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Permanently installed musical playgrounds (outside)

From time to time, the MMM is invited to develop and implement permanent or temporary sound installations, exhibition pieces or conceptual designs for established institutions.

Sound sculptures installed in a public space that can be played have to be extremely robust, and their sound and size has to fit the surrounding space. Michael Bradke is more than happy to meet the challenges of creating a suitable basic concept.

In collaboration with the respective museum, science center, agency, school or city, the basic idea for a sound sculpture tailored to its place of installation,  predetermined topic and specific budget is conceived, the plans for its  implementation laid and the piece created and serviced.

Sound Trail

The MMM has been busy since 2001 designing new sound sculptures for the Sound Trail in Hoscheid, Luxembourg. From the earth xylophone, the lithophone and the forest gong to the sequence of tubes and bells and the forest phone, these creations inspire wayfarers to music-making while defying wind and bad weather.  More...


Lithophone, Earth Xylophone and Parameter bells are united now. Since summer 2011 in Aveiro, Portugal!  More...

Earth Xylophone

Twelve players can sit here like they would at a table, communicating musically and passing along various patterns of movement. This installation piece has been built multiple times, for installation both inside and out, for the following institutions: Deutsches Museum of Munich, the Universum of Bremen, the DASA in Dortmund and the Experimenta in Heilbronn.  mehr ...


The sound of stones at the heart of stone production: Located in the Museum Zeittunnel of Wülfrath at the Bochumer Bruch limestone quarry, this lithophone from the collections of the MMM guides visitors through a chapter of geological history. More...

Water Games Place

This water games playground was created for the Lüdenscheid rose garden in 2004. Its array of shapes produces plunking, splashing and pattering sounds when they are plunged into the water. More...

Sonic Handrail

Installed in the new Danish science park in June 2005, the “Sonic Handrail” is made up of sixty-seven tuned tubular bells as well as four water organs.  More...