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Temporary installations for rotating exhibitions

The MMM can take pretty much any topic you can think of and transform it into sound.

In collaboration with museums, science centers or agencies, we tailor basic sound concepts to accompany a preset topic. The implementation of this idea is then braided into the existing workflow and general design process of the exhibition as seamlessly as possible.

H2Orchester for “WasserWasserWasser”

The MMM developed the first H2Orchestra prototypes for the rotating exhibition entitled “WasserWasserWasser” in 1992 for the Kaleidoskop e.V. in Frankfurt-am-Main.

Move Your Body Sound-Disco, “Gut Drauf”

The MMM developed the Move Your Body Sound-Disco for "Gut Drauf," a youth campaign carried out by the Bundeszentrale für gesundheitliche Aufklärung (Federal Center for Health Education), in cooperation with the Kaleidoskop e.V., Frankfurt/Main, 1995. Link to the current Move Your Body Sound-Disco...

Composing Machine, Pressure Drum and Column Bells for “Schall and Rauch”

The Composing Machine, the Column Bells and the Pressure Drum were all created for the "Schall und Rauch" ("Smoke and Mirrors") exhibition at the Neues Universum in Berlin.

Metallophone for “stern4kids”

Mercedes Benz sponsored the prizewinning “stern4kids” (“Star4Kids”) children’s cultural event in 1998 at the IAA Frankfurt and in 1999 as a touring event. The MMM, present at the IAA with its many live music presentations and sound installations, built the metallophone on location from car parts. The Tone Tubes and the Samplophone traveled along as mobile elements for the touring event.

Monochord for "mathema"

A monochord highlighting musical proportions was created for the exhibition entitled “mathema - Mathematik die Sprache der Natur?” (“Subject: Math – the language of nature?”), put on by the Deutsches Technik Museum of Berlin.

Monochords for "Mit Haut und Haar"

Monochords for “Mit Haut und Haar”

The first prototype of the weight-powered monochord and six further educational monochords were first created for the 1996 “Mit Haut und Haar” (“With Skin and Hair”) exhibition on string instruments in the Lindenmuseum of Stuttgart.

Omele Machine for the Ruth Youth Wing, Israel Museum

The Omele Machine, an exhibition for playing with time, was created in 1999-2000, at the turn of the millennium, for the Ruth Young Wing of the Children’s Museum of Israel and was showcased in its “Time” exhibition. Link to the museum...

Omele Machine for time travel

The Omele Time Machine II was created for the time travels of the Neues Universum in Berlin.

Paper Piano for "Probier Papier"

Paper Piano for “Probier Papier“

The instruments of the paper orchestra were sampled and made available via keyboard as well as built within workshops for the 2003 "Probier Papier" ("Try Paper") exhibition in the ZOOM Children’s Museum of Vienna.


The Planets installation was created in 2009 for the Family music festival held at the Tonhalle Düsseldorf.

“Der fliegende Koffer”: The Samplophone, Talking Drums and Rainforest Soundscape

The Samplophone, Talking Drums and Rainforest Soundscape were all created for the traveling exhibition entitled "Der fliegende Koffer - eine Reise nach Ghana" ("The Flying Suitcase: A Journey to Ghana") at the Neues Universum in Berlin.

Singing spaces for "Raum für Raum"

The MMM created three singing spaces in 2001 for the "Raum für Raum" ("Space for Space") at the ZOOM children’s museum in Vienna. From the Mountain Echo and Cathedral hall to the Space Wonders Room, the acoustics of the rooms invited and inspired singing.


Pipes connect the world together! In 1997, the MMM built drums out of original Mannesmann tubes and decked them out with videophones – sound-based communication from the Rheinisches Industriemuseum to Krasnoyarsk and Vienna. More...