Orchestral Games

Michael Bradke and children from the audience together create huge loud and quiet orchestras

  • Participants: up to 250 children between 5 and 11
  • Locations: children's theaters, schools, clubs, children's festivals and museums
  • The Orchestral Games are also suitable as workshop or as advanced training for teachers educators

Howling comes from the Tone Tube Swing Band, crackles and pops from the Body Sounds Orchestra; and hardly has the Shriek Choir finished its dynamically rich performance before the whole audience transforms into a School of Samba with over two hundred instruments and a giant rap band with nose guitars and human keyboards! 

The orchestra games inspire everyone to listen closely, let loose and play along. An hour of musical fun is guaranteed, though adults are encouraged to bring earplugs!

Orchestral Games have been successfully showcased over a hundred times in the Children's Museum of Cleveland and Noyabarsk as well as the “Laut und Luise” Children's Music Festival in Hamburg among other places.