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Bottle Blower

Whistle into bottles with a humongous blow dryer!

The hygienic alternative to blowing into a bottle: Hold three plastic bottles against a strong stream of air. The volume of the bottle determines its pitch.

Facts & Data

  • Materials - Stream of air, sensor, bottles, wood, string
  • Sound - Airy, whistling pitches
  • Setting - Inside
  • Setup time - 5 minutes
  • Duration for use - Days, weeks, months
  • Space required - Approx. 100 x 160 cm
  • Electricity - Necessary

Ready…get set…go!

When you approach the bellows, they turn on.
Feel the air pressure they create.
Take one of the bottles and hold it in the air flow at an angle until it starts whistling.
Find a partner and play together with the three bottles!


The bottles don’t always whistle!
You will hear different pitches depending on the size of the bottle.


Air turbulence is created as the channel of air meets the edge of the bottle, making the air inside the bottle start resonating. We hear this resonance as a note. The air resonates faster or slower depending on the length of the bottle, which leads to a change in pitch.

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