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Machine Music + Electrophones

From music box to computer sound

Electrophones, which produce sounds with the help of electricity, have only existed for about 100 years now. It is now possible to use your very own home computer to create new sounds, even an entire orchestra. The computer mouse has become an important musical instrument all to itself! Unfortunately, it's still not nearly as sensitive as a violin!

Composing Machine

A huge music box powered by a stationary bicycle.

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Omele Machine

With this gadget, you can play with time.

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Bit Byte Beat

Draw a pattern and have this rhythm machine play it.


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Loop Disco

Release sounds with a hop, skip and a jump!

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Communicate musically using a broad spectrum of different sounds. For up to six players, with earphones.

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Voice Transformer

Talk like Mickey Mouse, growl like a bear and sing like a robot!

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Musical Tables

These twelve Musical Tables, with electronic instruments for 2-8 players each (depending on the table), allow players to enter into a round-table dialogue of sound! This is its own stand-alone exhibition.

Overview of the Musical Tables