Dada Lala TableEmoti WallBig/Small-Loud/Quiet WallHouse of MirrorsForest of SoundsStudent ArtworksSounding PictureboxEar PrototypeDot DiasFast and Furious WallVoice PrototypeTunnel of Sound Colors


Listening eyes, seeing ears...?

These exhibits have to do with the relationship between eye and ear. Sounds have shapes. They can be mixed like colors, and they can be distorted like pictures. They can be put in a particular order, thrown together randomly or notated graphically. 

These installations are part of the Boing!! SoundsColorsShapes exhibition.

Picture Sound Tables BOING!!

Play with graphical notation!


Dada Lala Table

Compose syllabic poetry with mouth shapes.

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Electro Tone Tubes

Electronic sound from underground tubes!



A wall full of emotions!


Big/Small – Loud/Quiet Instrument Wall

Assign instruments words and characteristics.

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House of Mirrors

Hear your way through the looking glass!

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Sounds - Student Artworks

A total of 50 prizewinning pictures centered on the theme of "Sound," created by schoolchildren of all different ages and from all different types of schools for a 2001 competition held by the Ministry of Culture of the State of Saxony. 

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Sounding Picturebox

Use flashlights to make a picture heard.

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Ear Prototype

Use all your senses to explore how the human ear works in this exhibit.


Dot Dias

Lay down some sequences, toss some chaos ... compose with sound/color!

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Fast and Furious Wall

Turning rhythm into notes - at jetspeed!


Voice Prototype

Use all your senses to explore how the human body creates the voice in this exhibit.


Tunnel of Sound Colors

See and hear mixtures of colors and sounds!

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