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"Sounds": Student artwork collection

Fifty prizewinning artworks

Schoolchildren of various ages and types of schools have kindly provided the Mobile Music Museum with pictures centered on the theme "Sound" for its BOING exhibition. These are the best of 3500 submissions for a 2001 competition held by the State of Saxony Ministry of Culture.

Pictures selected for the slideshow:

  • Geburtstagsständchen für meine Tante - 22,5 x 32,5 cm, Felix Eigel, P.S. "Karl Marx" in Plauen
  • A-Capella - 41 x 60 cm, Sarah Masri, P.S. 130 in Dresden
  • Peng - 61 x 86 cm, Isabell Klunker, Albert Schweizer Gymnasium in Kamenz
  • No title - 20 x 30 cm, Julia Lange, Erich Wustmann Gymnasium in Dresden
  • Tafelkratzen - 20 x 26 cm, Maria Sperrhacke, Erich Wustmann Gymnasium in Dresden
  • Musik im Ohr - 27 x 42 cm, Nicole Jeltsch, Clara Wieck Gymnasium in Zwickau, 12th grade
  • B222 - 30 x 50 cm, Markus Vogel, Gymnasium Dresden-Plauen
  • Durch glückliche Fügung gefügte Fuge - 60 x 84 cm, Michael Schwäbe, Dr. Wilhelm André Gymnasium in Chemnitz, grade 11/4

Taken from the book "Sounds: School Artwork in Saxony - 2001 Prizewinners."
Publisher: State of Saxony Ministry of Culture ("Sächsisches Staatsministerium für Kultus"), 2001.

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