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Tetrachord Inox

A materialistic Quartet!

Tetrachord unites four sound sculptures from the group of vibrating material instruments: a Lithophone, an Earth Xylophone, a Bottle Gong and Parameter Bells.

It encourages the participants to explore how different materials sound. The individual components can be arranged in any way desired or be combined into a Triad

Facts & Data

  • Materials - stone plates, glas bottles, wood, aluminium, steel, mallets
  • Sound - bells, stones, wood, glas
  • Setting - indoor
  • Setup time - 20 minutes
  • Exhibition duration - days, weeks, months
  • Space requirements - ca. 400 x 400 cm (depending on setup)
  • Power requirements - 0 V / 0 W

Games & Activities

  • Number of players - 12
  • Instructions - self explanitory, introduction required, suitable for workshops
  • Supervision - anti vandalism
  • Playing time - 2-7 minutes
  • Possible activities - discover the sound of various materials, play in groups