The wet-and-wild musical event of the summer - a generational dialogue between young and old

The H2Orchestra is a hands-on musical activity for up to 50 people aged 2 and up. Its communicative process of water music composition brings together people of all ages, encouraging multigenerational dialogue. The H2Orchestra consists of more than 50 instruments in 25 tubs plus mechanical apparatuses that make water sounds or use water to produce sound.

Some of the instruments are housed in metal sculptures created by art apparatus craftsman Stefan Schilling.

As players explore them side by side and across from each other, the collection of instruments encourages cooperative sound experimentation and musical interaction.

  • Number of participants: Up to 50 
  • Age group: Ages 2 and up
  • Installation: In a circle with a diameter of 8 or 15 meters, or along a 40 meter-long stretch
  • Venue: Field, pavement, street (asphalt or cobblestone) or waterside
  • Water required: Approx. 1500 liters; 50-meter hose provided
  • Transportation: VW T5 Bus
  • Setup / take-down time: Approx. 1 hour each

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  • Patter piano
  • Swim drums
  • Plunk Poles
  • Water organs
  • Dunk and wave gongs
  • Burbling horns
  • Drench chimes
  • Flubbery funnel-cones
  • And many more...

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  • Regionale Eschbachtal 2006, Video (as above)
  • Schyrenbad Munich
  • Musikmesse Frankfurt
  • Worldways Childrens Museum St. Luis
  • VW-Autostadt Wolfsburg
  • Odysseum Cologne
  • Tonhalle Düsseldorf
  • Stadtmuseum Heilbronn
  • Festivals and children’s cultural events all across Germany