Dial M for Metallophones - the huge, multifunctional orchestral apparatus for the Sheet Metal Symphony (indoor & outdoor use)!

A mishmash of trash-become-treasure invites one and all to uninhibited experimentation with various metallic sounds and noises.

Kids from 2 to 99 are inspired and emboldened to experiment with primarily metallic pitches and sounds using the 100 found objects, sound-makers and revamped instrument scraps of this exhibition, which include rim gongs, canister gongs, tuned cowbells, disk brake gamelans, hubcap drums, doorbell claviers, pipe chimes, box wrench metallophones, pot lid pyramids, cymbals, pipebells and oil pan gaskets.

The many recycled parts also serve as an inspiration for visitors to build their very own musical instruments!

  • Size: twenty aluminum frames, each 1,10 x 1,90 meters
  • Space / arrangement: consists of twenty 1.10 x 1.90 meter-large aluminum frames, which can be set up like a 20 meter-long, Shoji screen-like "Bang ‘n Blare Brigade" or in a circle-shaped "Tiger Cage" panorama about 10 meters in circumference.
  • Venue: Indoors or out
  • Adaptable according to the space and budgetary requirements of the host venue. Can be extended to include instruments from the Orchestra of Giants, e.g., the Pump Organ, Earth Xylophone, etc.  Please also refer to the possibilities under Loan Exhibits.


  • ZKM Karlsruhe 2012 Video >>
  • Expo 2000 Hannover
  • Tonhalle Düsseldorf
  • Hygiene Museum Dresden
  • Musikmesse Frankfurt
  • Stern für Kids at the IAA Frankfurt
  • Bundesgartenschau Oberhausen
  • Luisenpark Mannheim
  • Museums, children’s cultural venues and festivals all across Germany