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Creative Clatter Kids’ Concert

How noise becomes music and acquires meaning

  • Duration: 50 min
  • Participants: up to 200
  • Location: children’s theaters and schools, during museum festivals and educational events
  • Supplies: provided by MMM

One person’s fun is another person’s noise. The sound of playing children can be disturbing to some but the children themselves are sometimes disturbed by noise in their surroundings, for example when they are trying to sleep or concentrate.

Noise can also be used to send messages, to imitate or play with reality. When you play with noises and create sound patterns, that’s the point at which noise becomes music.

All these different dimensions of noise and music are brought together in the Creative Clatter Kids’ Concerts, which give children the chance to broadcast loud and clear, "Here we are! We want to be heard! We want to be involved and we want to shape the world!" By choosing and using just the right noises, children can imitate the things they consider fun or that are very important to them as along with situations they would like to see changed. In the end, all these sounds are gradually put together into a large, cohesive soundscape.