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Museum Projects

Let the museums break out in song!

Nearly every museum topic can be enlivened with the use of music and sound! 

  • Sounds of Stone, in cooperation with the Zeittunnel Wülfrath Sheet-Metal
  • Symphony, in cooperation with the Kunstmuseum in Bonn and the Lehmbruckmuseum in Duisburg
  • Water Cycle, in cooperation with the Naturgut in Ophoven H2Orchestra, in cooperation with the Bremerhaven
  • Deutscher Schiffahrtsmuseum Africa Remix with the Musuem Kunstpalast, 2004

Musical activities in museums of visual art within the framework of a continuing educational seminar or a project.

TeleTamTam Pipeline Communication Network

This is a playable pipeline network for museums around the world. The pipes represent the idea of worldwide communication and are designed as a poetic way of making children and youth conscious of global networks.
More information available as a .pdf

June 7 – October 19, 2003, summer vacation activities accompanying the exhibition. Put on by the Museum Kunstpalast art camp of Düsseldorf in cooperation with the Mobile Music Museum and the Fachhochschule in Düsseldorf, FB 6/Department of Music and Contemporary Media.

Nearly 100 children and youth between the ages of 6 and 15 participated in the art camp. The camp consisted of five workshops, each with one workshop leader. All workshops were tied into a specific artistic aspect of the work of Laurie Anderson. The children and youth were divided into various age groups and not only did the teams and their leaders visit a new workshop every day, they also kept returning into the exhibition in order to see the artist’s respective work. A collective event for all camp participants was held every morning and afternoon. The concept for the art camp was developed by the Department for Education and Pedagogy in cooperation with musician Michael Bradke and multimedia artist Frank Schulte.
Art camp flyer, .pdf