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Picture Sound Table + EMO Table

Sounds have color and shape within time

Tap on each of the 10 different graphics to hear 10 corresponding analog sounds:

Picture Sound Table

  • Blue dot: Bass drum
  • Yellow triangle: Chimes
  • Spiral: Grinding coconut shell halves
  • Red square: Woodblock
  • Yellow wedge: Large gong
  • ...

EMO Table

  • Cardiogram: heartbeat
  • Feet: steps
  • Hearts: kisses
  • Jumping sheep: yawning
  • Stars: joy
  • Scull: foaming
  • ...

The PictureSound Table also provides a good alternative to the Sounding Picture Box for the Boing! Sounds, Colors, Shapes & Forms exhibition since it takes up less space. Please check the Sounding Picture Box for an interactive illustration of the symbols and sounds.