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Sequencer Table

Create a musical sequence!

Quick or slow, left or right, high or low, sharp or blunt: Players operate a  sequencer and various filters with a steering wheel, an accelerator throttle and movement and pressure sensors. Every player can work out one particular part within the ongoing sequence while everyone listens to each other over the headphones. The Sequencer Table was successfully deployed as a UFO at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart and the 2010 Kinderfest at the Lower Saxony State Opera!

Facts & Data

  • Materials - B1 wood, plexiglas, lighting, headphones, stainless steel, sensors
  • Sounds in the space - Silence
  • Setting - Inside
  • Setup time - 30 minutes
  • Exhibition duration - Days, weeks, months
  • Space needed - 300 x 300 cm
  • Electricity - 220 V / 200 W