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21.06.14 - 22.06.14

Large presentation at the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden

Michael Bradke creates "Tusch!" - The children's musical art party!

Painting, sculpting and musicmaking

For children from eight years of age

It is widely known that composers can paint a picture with tones and this idea has inspired us to create a festival aimed at bringing children ‘up close and personal’ - not just with music, but also with art. The festival and associated courses will take place in the Festspielhaus Baden-Baden and also in the Frieder Burda Museum. Children will paint, sculpt, play and sing – even instrument building is on the programme! The concept for the event was created by Michael Bradke, the renowned expert for children’s music programmes. Children will be given the opportunity to actively try everything over the course of two days, before the festival concludes with a grand concert on june 22nd at 5 pm.

Festspielhaus Baden-Baden in cooperation with  Museum Frieder Burda

Michael Bradke

Fee: € 50,00

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