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Area 3: Vibrations and Whole Numbers

Vibration theory: An aesthetically beautiful phenomenon!

Thanks to these fluorescent exhibits set in a room illuminated with black lights, participants can feel and see pitches and the resonant nodes of vibration frequencies, subdivide a long string into 2, 3, 4 or 5 segments and explore Pythagorus, theory and harmony at a Monochord.

Large Tubular Bells and the Wobblepole

Feel 180 vibrations per second and a vibration frequency node!

To the Large Pipebells...

See a vibration frequency node!

To the Wobblepole...

Körpergewichtsmonochord BILD

Standing Wave

See, feel and alter the resonant nodes of vibration on a vibrating string.

To the loan exhibit

Monochord A

How do 1 against 2, 2 against 3 and 3 against 4 sound?

To the loan exhibit...

Monochord B

Use your eyes and ears to divide a string by two or three!

To the loan exhibit...