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Soundscapes in Winterthur 2014/2015

In april 2014 the Winterthur Swiss Science Center Technorama opens its doors for the new special exhibition Soundscapes. The MMM participates with 10 sound sculptures, advisory, inspiration and a huge open air event in summer.

The newly developed Electro Tone Tubes installation celebrates its premiere with interactive sculptures: Humming Chair, Light Wash Hand Basin, Ping Pong Yodelling Station, Chimes, Zithers, Drums and Heliopipe invite you to discover acoustic and electronic sounds.

Opening: 15.04.2014, duration: ca. 18 months (until end of 2015)

Summer Event 2014

From July to August 2014 about 70 musical installations were set up in the Technorama park. The MMM H2Orchestra is part of it. This summery musical adventure with Patter Piano, Burbling Horns, Swim Drums, Dunk and Wave Gongs will be accompanied by the legendary Tone Tubes and the Metallophone