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Sounding Picturebox


Illuminated Composition

In the dark "Sounding Picturebox," various pitches are heard through headphones whenever flashlights light up the respective colorful shapes.

There are two related types:

Sounds, Colors, Shapes & Forms Composition

Active observation of the picture triggers a unique composition. The sounds are related to the shape/form and the color seen as well as the progression of time.

Belongs to the exhibition entitled "Boing!! - Sounds, Colors, Shapes & Forms".

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Please see playable graphic above.  

Frère Jacques Variations

The first motif in the melody from "Frère Jacques" is graphically notated. This simple, well-known melody is

  • mirrored horizontally and vertically
  • elongated in time and along the pitch axis
  • compressed in time and along the pitch axis
  • "zoomed" in time and along the pitch axis

There are a total of 10 variations. When the graphics are lit up using the flashlight, the respective motive is heard! Players can build new pieces from these 10 basic shape forms.

The "Sounding Picturebox" is a part of the "Sounding Numbers" exhibition.

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